Omeo Case Study – Anthony Rowe

The Omeo Evolution v1.2 transforms the life of Anthony Rowe, born with Cerebral Palsy; a debilitating condition that affects his ability to move and maintain balance and posture.

Rather than hearing it from us, read on for a raw testimonial from one of our customers.

Anthony Rowe on Omeo

“I’ve now had my Omeo power chair for 4 months and have already ridden it hundred of miles! This innovative and unique chair has had a hugely positive effect on my health and well-being. I felt so depressed riding my traditional power chair that I often could not face going out at all. The traditional power chair was bulky and cumbersome, and I always felt in the way as it can be quite difficult to mobilise on a traditional power chair in confined spaces.

By contrast, the Omeo’s compact design makes it highly manoeuvrable indoors and it can be transported easily in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It can also be used on public transport where, again, it’s manoeuvrability is a big advantage.

The Omeo has a much greater range than all traditional power chairs. It can handle mud and snow, as well as rough terrain, which would be impossible for many of the alternative chairs available. I live in the countryside and the Omeo is ideal for tackling such terrain. It’s standard tyres are great for most rough terrain, but those seeking even more off-road capabilities may want to purchase the specially designed Off-Road Kit.

The stylish design makes me want to ride my Omeo all the time. It does not look like anything else on the market. The Omeo is incredibly sleek and is a real talking point, as passers-by marvel at its aesthetics and wonder how it’s possible to balance.

If you’re a wheelchair user who wants to do more and go further than what your current chair will allow, then I highly recommend you get an Omeo demonstration with Adapt Ability. Their engineers are continually looking to innovate and improve on this already outstanding chair. The Omeo is fully upgradeable with any future upgrades and can be modified to suit the user’s needs.