Is the Omeo Right for Me?

Curious about the Omeo electric wheelchair? Unsure whether one is right for you or not? Want to find out more? We have compiled a list of the most important key features to help you decide:

Speeding Omeo

Speed: One of the key attractions of the Omeo is its top speed of about 12 mph, or 20 kph, which is much faster than your average electric wheelchair. This makes it very appealing for customers with busy lives with errands to run. It also makes it fun to ride outdoors with the Off-Road kit!

Jeff on his Omeo walking with his wife

Battery life: Not only is the Omeo speedy, it can go a long way: up to approximately 40 miles (or 65km) on its lithium-ion batteries.

The remaining battery power is shown on the InfoKey controller with a series of bars. The Omeo will warn you with an alarm and shake when the battery is close to needing a charge.

Turning circle: The Omeo boasts a 0-degree turning circle. That’s right – you read that correctly. 0 degrees! How many wheelchairs can you think of with a 0-degree turning circle? The Omeo has the ability to turn on its axis, making manoeuvring in tight spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and offices a breeze.

Omeo in the field

Controls. The Omeo boasts unique Active Seat Control technology, which enables the user to control the direction, speed and braking of the Omeo through body movements. This makes the Omeo very intuitive to use – even allowing you to operate it hands-free. This really needs to be seen to be believed, and tried for yourself to be fully appreciated. The Omeo also comes equipped with a joystick, for standard joystick operation.

Omeo on the beach

Comfort: The Omeo seat is designed for ultimate comfort. The curved seat pan holds the legs, providing support for control. Users will not experience pressure points because their weight is on the outer thigh bones and they are constantly shifting their weight to operate the seat control system.

The Omeo’s self-balancing technology means that it automatically levels itself while braking, going down hills and through dips, so you never feel as though you’re going to fall out the front. The overall design is supportive and comfortable for a range of body types. Both seat and footplate heights are adjustable.

Omeo in car boot

Portability: Thanks to its compact size and design, the Omeo easily fits through standard doorways, and can easily be transported in a small hatchback, van or SUV.  It can either be lifted manually into the back of the vehicle by two able-bodied people, or it can be driven or pushed easily up a ramp. The Omeo is also compatible with most hoists designed for electric wheelchairs.

Outdoor Performance: One of the many things that makes the Omeo stand apart is its ability to handle rougher, outdoor terrain. The tyres provided with the Off-Road Kit enable the more adventurous user to go virtually anywhere: beaches, tracks, lawns and sports venues. Many Omeo users wish to use it for football, tennis, basketball, fencing, archery, hunting, fishing, and many other things.

One of the Omeo’s other exciting features is it enables the user to traverse slopes of 20°- 25° incline and about 30° decline, provided there is sufficient traction.

The Omeo is designed to be used wherever a pedestrian has access – with some reasonable limitations, for example, stairs, escalators and extremely rough or slippery terrain.

Omeo at the park

Safety and Security: The Omeo comes with headlights and stabilising legs to avoid tipping. The balancing system will continue to keep the user upright until the legs are lowered and the Omeo is switched off. The Omeo has dual system backups to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (such as battery levels), as well as in built-in safety features that won’t leave you stranded. These are all outlined in the user materials provided.

The Omeo can only be powered on with the remote control. So as long as you have the controller with you, NO ONE can get on your Omeo and drive away with it. The Controller also has a security lock function that, when activated, will trigger an alarm if anyone tries to move your Omeo.

Omeo Collection 5 Colours

Design: One of the first things you probably notice about the Omeo is its compact, funky design. It is available in a range of five colours and comes with design features such a USB Charger, fold away footplate, a storage compartment and a multi-functional holder for accessories such as cup, phone and device holder. Other accessories can also be purchased in our store.

If you’re interested in the Omeo, you can book a trial day to try it out and find out more. You will always be given a phone assessment first so we can find out more about your needs. For further information please read our FAQ.