AdaptAbility strives to support you in leading the independent, fulfilling lifestyle you deserve. With the Omeo, our revolutionary hands-free wheelchair, you can go just about anywhere and do just about anything with ease.

Who We Are

Cristian Omeo agent Cristian sunglasses

Cristian Brownlee

A wheelchair user for 10 years, Cristian has developed vast experience with all sorts of mobility aids such as powered front and back wheelchair attachments and various seated personal transporters. He found that Omeo offered the most functionality for the widest range of disabilities and now dedicates his profession to improving people’s lives in the same way that the Omeo has improved his.

A trained Omeo technician, he strives to offer unbeatable support and aftersales care.

Daniel customer service Daniel smiling

Daniel Brandao

Our customer service ninja and shipping coordinator, Daniel is the first point of contact for your enquiries. His focus is to maintain contact with our customers’ before and after delivery to ensure that our mobility aids are right for them and will remain to be so for the foreseeable future.

Nicola blogger

Nicola Sloan

An experienced freelance writer, Nicola creates content for our blog. She is passionate about businesses and causes which seek to improve people’s lives, so no wonder she enjoys working for Adapt Ability! She strives to engage with the needs and concerns of wheelchair users through her writing.

Tina Omeo agent Tina with hamster

Tina Walczyk

Qualified in healthcare with 7 years’ experience of working with the mobility-impaired, Tina endeavors to ensure that the Omeo is suitable for customers by assessing their background, goals and functionality to maximize understanding and compatibility. Her extensive knowledge of various illnesses and disabilities has helped customers to make informed decisions on the disability equipment that they may require.

A trained Omeo technician, Tina is on call for fast response to assist our customers

Loki the Labrador Loki the Labrador grinning


Head of Customer Relations, Loki joined Adapt Ability when we found that customers often focused their attention towards him during their appointments. Loki’s primary role is to demonstrate how easy it can be for Omeo users to independently take him on walkies, which coincidentally happens to be his favorite recreational activity!

Whether you’d like to enjoy a beach day or hike with your loved ones or simply manoeuvre a tight kitchen or bathroom, the Omeo has you covered. The Omeo offers the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and fun. From the moment you use it, you are sure to fall in love with its unique design and ease of use.

Try the Omeo today and change your life for the better. Since there are a number of charities and grants that can cover some of the cost, you have nothing to lose and an exciting future to gain.