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Adapt Ability is the official UK distributor for Omeo Technology and we are proud to bring the innovative Omeo product to the market.

The Omeo is a hands-free, personal mobility device designed with very best self-balancing and safety features.

It enables access to difficult terrains such as beaches, forests and tracks which would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices.

The Omeo lets you ‘Grab Life By The Wheels’!






Why Choose the Omeo

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors or participating in sports? With the Omeo, you can do both without any hesitation.

Feel Safe at All Times

Thanks to its advanced built-in safety features, you can enjoy the highest levels of safety anywhere life takes you.

Protect Your Body

When you use the Omeo on a daily basis, you won’t strain your body. Instead, you’ll shift your body weight in a simple, minimal way and protect it from long-term muscular damage.

Enjoy Life in Style

In addition to being incredibly functional, the Omeo offers a stylish design in a variety of colours, that’ll allow you to go about your life in complete confidence.

Success Stories

Larry's positive Omeo review

Riding this most incredible mobility innovation is a natural process that puts you in touch with all of the walking skills you know and love. In fact, I feel in balance and at harmony with life.

Larry Hollenbeck
Omeo chair on grass

I feel like I have had a healing of sorts since last September when I first got my Omeo… I am no longer struggling, and I will never stop appreciating that. I have logged over 300 miles on it and I’m getting better and better at using it. I just love this machine so much, it’s incredible, I am so grateful

Gretchen Ryan
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